Imiquad Cream 5% (Imiquimod)

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Imiquad Cream 5% (Imiquimod)

Imiquimod 5% w/w 12.5mg (0.75gm) - 3 Sachets

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Imiquad cream is used to:

  • Treat genital and rectal warts that are outside the body.
  • Treat a type of skin cancer named basal cell carcinoma.
  • Treat a skin disease named Actinic Keratosis, which is thick, scaly, or crusty patches of the skin associated with those who are frequently exposed to the sun.


Apply Imiquad cream on the affected area as directed by doctors and wait for at least 10 minutes for the area to dry. Do not use more medicine or use it more often than your doctor tells you to.

Side Effects:

The most common adverse reactions of Imiquad Cream are local skin and application site reactions including itching and burning.


You should not use Imiquad Cream if you have had an allergic reaction to Imiquimod.

Imiquad Cream is for external use only and should not be used inside the vagina or anus.

Do not get Imiquad Cream in your eyes, nose, or mouth. Rinse the cream off right away if it gets on these areas.

Do not use Imiquad Cream on skin areas that have cuts or hurts.

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